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Ishida by decision:

Round 1: Hata rushes Ishida with a flying knee. Ishida lobs an overhand right and plows Hata to the mat. In the center of the ring, Ishida tries to pass on Hata's left side, stalls out in half guard but eventually gets side control. Only two minutes into the bout and Ishida is working for mount. Now Ishida isolates the farside arm of Taiki and nearly has a crucifix. Ishida jumps to the other side and wrenches what looks to be a fight-ending armbar, but Hata somehow rolls out and escapes to his feet. Hata only manages to land a few shots before Ishida puts him on his back once more. Midway through the round and Ishida has side control again, this time at the edge of the ring. Referee repositions them and Ishida nearly gains mount before Taiki stuffs him back to half guard. Ishida walks around the left side of Hata, side control again, this time raining down several solid shots. Taiki turtles up with just under three minutes remaining and Ishida takes his back briefly. Ishida back in Taiki's guard, dodging upkicks. Hata scrambles to his feet momentarily, only to be drilled into the mat again. Ishida gets Hata's back again and works some heel kicks. Dominant round from Ishida to say the least.

Round 2: Ishida catches the first kick that Hata throws and brings him down. Harder shots from Ishida this round, but Taiki's retaliating from his back as well. Ishida stands and catches an upkick, using the leg to roll Taiki and take his back. Full mount for Ishida, who flattens the squirming Hata out. Ishida's bleeding from his cauliflower ear. 90 seconds left and Hata finally kicks his way free from his back, and snares Ishida in a guillotine in the ensuing scramble. Ishida looks to be in danger momentarily, but it's not all that tight and Ishida eventually extracts his head. Ishida closes out the round punching from guard.

Bloody Elbow sees the bout for Mitsuhiro Ishida.

Mitsuhiro Ishida (19-6-1) def. Daiki "DJ.taiki" Hata (11-7-3) via unanimous decision

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