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Dream 15: Epic night of Leg lockin', liver kickin', Karl stomping fights.

First off, best fight of the night was Mizuno shocking the world, and on the way shocking himself. I remember seeing his last fight in K-1 Scandinavia - it was an epic fight if remember correctly. So good to see him in the final of this weak ass Gp that turned into a potentially epic finish.

Sucks Manhoef has had some rough fights of late. It wouldn't be as bad if his K-1 career was going great, usually I can lean back on that, but both are in peril. His style is so cool though, hopefully he can find a way to win.

Karl Amoussou was more aggressive during Pre-fight than the actual thing. I was hoping for a Naku win today, but wanted it to be a compelling match. Karl just got picked apart, he had no answer at all. Not even on the feet. Depressing to say the last - considering the expectations people had of him. Of course, it's one fight against a game opponent.

Naku is back, people.

The worst part of the great night of fights was the Jake "don't make weight" O'Brien affair. I was almost glad the commentators ripped him so bad, but I don't know the circumstances around the missed weight. It did seem like they announced the fight a long time ago... either way, karma struck him. What a weak ass way to go out, especially when you're going against a p4p type guy, and former champ. Jake should be kicking himself.

He needs to go get some pocky, chill, then plan his return. If he's in shape he can give a lot of guys problems, so either UFC, Strikeforce, or even Dream would be a good fit for Jake. More than likely he will fight on some smaller promotions against decent opponents before making his return to the big leagues.

Speaking of big leagues, Omigawa's opponent, Jong, should get some more fights. How the **** was he supposed to come out and fight a top 5 guy and have success? It's not like hes ever fought anyone on this level, no need to be fed to the big dog. He showed heart on another level; the fighters who make it out of Korea are tougher than hell, would like to see some more jump over to Orgs we can watch.

If Omigawa stays in Japan, or goes to WEC, they're a lot of fights to happen. So the sky is the ******* limit. Personally, I hope he stays with Dream and goes for the title.

Also, he made girls come at the sight of his hair.

Highlight of the night: DJ popping Ishida's ear. Nah, just kidding. But I did see it as a moral victory. We need more DJ.taiki, he will kick your ass with his Thailand leg smashing shins. Was a bad match-up from the get go, but it's a fight. Ishida was just better.

Interesting Caol uno is coming back...

The biggest heart breaker of the night was KK-JZ's fight. I was really pulling for Kikuno in this fight. Did any of you score it a draw? maybe my love for KK got in the way of my brain in this one. Still, he seemed to have dominated more minutes of the fight. I think some people would agree with me.

But, JZ needed the fight more. Good to see him get a great win again - been a while. He's coming to eat some Strikeforce fighters up. They should be ready, he will be more polished, more aggressive, and will be ready to finish.

And finally...


What a badass. He just destroyed a fighter some people had in their top five, and did it with one submission attempt. I won't lie, I was worried as **** going into the fight. Especially after I just re-watched the fight with Gil earlier this week. Pure beast, though.

Sucks for Kawajiri, he's a badass as well. He's the second top five guy Aoki has destroyed, I wouldn't be worried. He will be back.

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