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Originally Posted by Darkwraith View Post
Crank one out in the will feel like a new man.
I've heard that, and I got to the frame of mind long ago where I understand that it is in no way a reflection on my talents. It's like peeing outside. You guys just have to crank one out in the shower on a semiregular basis, and you come out beating (huh) your chest and ready to take on the world.

We had a great time last night, despite the band not knowing any Earth Wind & Fire, and I got my husband to two-step, which for him is the equivalent of Tony Manero moves for days. He won a big ass crystal glass/mug type thingy for his foursome coming in third overall and second in his flight, which we drank margaritas out of, and the bartender was German and let me practice my awful freshman year college German with her.

I drank a Midori sour. Never again. I think I've gone off most girl drinks. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, which looks like a more tasteful figure skater dress to me, if you can visualize that. I knew I did good when my older daughter asked to borrow it.

Pictures will go up on FB shortly, so those of you who know me on there can have lulz.

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