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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
Exactly multiple promoters is great for sports. Look what it did for boxing.
like it or not multiple promotions are always going to exist so its best they work together than not, the only cases where it doe snot work is if they are not wiling to work together like in Boxing, where as if you take a look at Football/Soccer for example, few European football fans would argue that The Champions League is the ultimate club football competition and this is a result of all major league across Europe working together, but then lets face it greedy American organisations dont believe in cooperation they just want all the money to be made in the sport for themselves and the good of the sport and what the fans want to see gets left behind and the sick thing is many Americans just see this as the way it is and fail to see that working together is better, but lets be honest Americans are hardly known for working with others, you only seen to understand greed.

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