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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
My husband has been shaving for IDK how many years, and he still f*cks it up, and I make him let me cover the ingrowns with salicylic acid concealer.

He allows this (with extreme bad grace) because he knows it'll make them disappear within the day.

I'm an awful ironer. I don't know how to iron a crease in pants, and ironing a dress shirt gives me a mini-nervous breakdown. Nor do I know how to tie a tie.

The parallel parking fail is a much more immediate concern, however.
After I did maneuverability (basically paralell parking) I was so glad I passed and said to myself "I will never parallel park, ever."

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
Composure, your one of my fav posters here so I mean this in a sincere way, please keep your hair as far away from long ever again! Lol
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