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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I'm fed up.

Personally, I love using the word gay. But very much in its original sense. As in... fun & gay & fluffyness. I call my wife gay all the time because of said gooey sentiments.

However, the flippin' homos completely hijacked the fecking word and now I cant say it without politically correct hitlers jumping out of the bushes and kicking my head in.

Well, I've had it. I want my "gay" back. You know, the word thats about 1000 years old? The one that has absolutely nothing to do with genitalia?! God damn, I want to be able to call gay stuff "gay" without getting torched.

Whos with me!?

Disclaimer : I know this has nothing to do with gay people. They don't seem to give a shit! At least, my gay friends don't. Besides, most of them prefer "poof".

... also a bit bored.

and finally a .. just in case Hitler is reading.

Use Gay all day but not God Damn.....he has nothing to do with this and's okay FTR this thread has a good chance of getting deleted but i feel ya, too many sensative peeps taking things only in the context they want.....its phucked up...
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