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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
I have a severe issue with doorways...the narrower the worse it is. I don't know why but if im not 100% focused on walking through them I somehow get thrown off balance fall into the left of them as im walking...

It's like the doorways have a magnetic pull for me. I know that freakin weird but it's true. It only happens with doorways though.

LoL...Ditto....not sure why either...

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
God yes. I have shaving rash right now, SUCH a pain in the ass. No matter how well I prepare before hand, my neck always rashes up at least a bit.

This. Oh so much this.

I also really suck at 'going out' past 1am. I'm only 22 , and already am bored with getting wasted, staying out at a club till 4, then feeling like arse the whole of the next day. I'm quite boring when it comes to nights out these days. I'd prefer to stay in with a few mates, a few beers and a pizza.
Im 31 and feel the same way bout goin out, your early... I also live 20 mins from South Beach so.....

Originally Posted by Composure View Post
The first instructor I had was just a doucher and made me nervous. The second time I had this nice lady who wasn't a grouch.

When I let my facial hair grow out (a week or so) I just don't look forward to shaving it because it takes forever and I sometimes get a rash too. And I used to shave and then shower, never doing that again. your abilities Composure you can handle pressure.

As far as the facial hair, I have a shit load, best thing to do is get a hot face towel and put it on your face, this will "soften" the stubs, next when you apply the shaving cream, I recommend EDGE sensative skin, you apply it in circular motions to work the facial hair allow it to stay on for at least 2 mins, then you NEVER shave against the grain, always go with the direction the hair is growing, especially near the neck area...Finally if you want you can use an after shave gel, I prefer lotion and again you apply it with the direction the hair grows, so like neck and chin I always wipe it in a downward direction.

Then I jerk off......kidding but i hope this helps and look at you finally back to green after Chrisl972 drilled you on that NEG REP thread, you can rep me back now and it will count....good to see you back on the boards buddy....
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