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Originally Posted by Composure View Post
I would also like to include that I am horrible at shaving. Some how I manage to miss spots.
Oh my god I've had times when I'd miss spots and not realize it til I was out and about.

Originally Posted by LiteGladiator View Post
I can't parallel park worth crap, oh well, I don't even have my license yet. That's my excuse XP
There is a glorious trick to parallel parking. You drive past the spot then back into it ass first and then straighten out. Friend of mine taught me how to parallel park outside a club in a spot like 15 feet from the door.

Originally Posted by Composure View Post
I did my drivers test 2 times. First time I passed the driving and failed maneuverability. Second time I just needed to take maneuverability since I passed the driving and ended up passing. I remember I was so excited when I went back in to get my paper signed I forgot my mom's keys inside the car. Thank goodness I didn't lock it, haha.
I went with my mom to take my drivers test and it turned out the guy I talked to was a friend of the family, and he asked my mom how I was doing she said "pretty good" he stamped my papers and it was done. Ive never taken a drivers test beyond the written part.

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