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Originally Posted by smokelaw1 View Post
The point is, that many, many, many people (I'd even say the vast majority) use the term "gay" to describe something as less than desireable. As in, "this movie is so GAY." They don't mean "This movie has a simply delightful sense of lighthearted fun, don't you agree, friend?" If you mean that, that's friggen awesome for you. but that's not how most people (in the US anyway) use the word. They mean this movie sucks.
This IS insulting to homosexuals. Do you mind possibly offending people? If no, then that's 100% your call. Just don't act all surprised when someone is offended by taking a term the way most people use it.

Fact is, it's pretty deeply offensive, and I don't want to be that guy.

If you knew me, you would know I am anything but PC for PC's sake. if you use the term to mean happy and lighthearted, as you twitter around saying you feel witty, and pretty and GAY!, then all power to you. I'm guessing you're not an American english speaker. Do you also refer to cigarettes as "***s" and mistakes as "boners?" If you break a ciarette, do you say "whoops, pulled a boner with my *** there..." Go ahead, feel free, just know that when you do, people might take you as meaning something else, and it might not be smoething you want them to think about you. Whether this is important to you or not is ENTIRELY up to you.

Signed, on behalf of the flippin' homos,


You see. The thing is, the typical male ogre demographic ( who happen coincidently to be the biggest homophobes ) dislike gay stuff from both sides of the fence. Im sure they recoil in horror at anything remotely jovial and gay.. or as you say, anything with delightful sense of lighthearted fun!

I fecking love the term. Yes, I'm a frivolous Englishman with a pendent for camp theatrics. I'm not gay as in homosexual, but I am gay as in camp and fun and gay. Two completely different things. That's why this topic affects me personally.

Really, nobody has attacked me proper for using the term. I'm half having some fun on a hot day, and half curious as to the reaction if I poke the fire a bit and see what yous lot think about it.

Its one of my favourite words and it seems I'm not allowed to use it properly! Booooooo!
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