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Shinya Aoki: "I was hoping for an open fracture."

Shinya Aoki: Breaking Kawajiri’s Bone Not Enough, “I Was Hoping For an Open-Fracture”

Written by Tom Ngo
July 13th, 2010

While most would be happy with collecting a submission victory over a fighter as respected as Tatsuya Kawajiri, Dream lightweight champ Shinya Aoki was hoping for more.

“When I caught him and tried to submit him, I heard a loud crackle sound. He did not tap so I thought ‘Ok, this match just became a death-fight’ and I was going to destroy his leg,” Aoki told SportsNavi (translated by MiddleEasy). “I knew Kawajiri never taps so I could not win without breaking his bone.

“I was hoping for an open-fracture.”

Aoki’s achilles lock submission at Dream 15 was the second time in his last three outings where the controversial grappler left his foe severely wounded. The jiu jitsu wizard caught Mizuto Hirota in a hammerlock in the opening ticks of their match-up this past December. Although Aoki probably/most likely/definitely knew he was in position to break Hirota’s arm with the greatest of ease, Hirota refused to tap and …

Sandwiched between the bone-cracking wins was a unanimous decision thrashing to Strikeforce lightweight king Gilbert Melendez in April. Like most men, Aoki needed the guidance of a strong woman to set him straight … or wake his inner demon.

“After I lost, many people blamed me, but she helped me through it all,” Aoki said of his fiancé. “The people who mocked me in my fight versus Melendez, I wanted to kill them all. Even in this fight, too many people said ‘Kawajiri would win!’. I felt like telling these people ‘Go to hell!’

Although “Tobikan Judan” was pushing a Dream 16 rematch against Melendez, spoke with Gilbert’s pops on Monday and said a September bout would be too soon for them. However, Team Melendez has every intention on granting Aoki a mulligan on his home turf.
Wonder how much of this is lost in translation...
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