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Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I need to go see a nutritionalist or something, my diet is awful... not to mention i hate the taste of almost anything good for you....a small list would be...

almost every vegtable, most fruits, eggs, fish except tuna (and clam chowder but it isn't good for you ahah)...

im screwed....
This is something I struggle with nearly every day. I have gradually gotten up to where I can count on the fingers of one hand how many fruits I like, and how many vegetables I like, which is progress considering how much I used to hate virtually all of them.

I have figured out that if I expect to meet and surpass my fitness goals, which are continually evolving, I have to eat to fuel a high-performance machine. Essentially, that means lean proteins, complex carbs, and continually monitor/reduce any alcohol or chocolate consumption. The booze and chocolate part is painful.

I make and freeze stuff that I know everybody will eat that is high-protein, like spaghetti sauce. I switched to whole-grain pasta and sneak chickpeas, black beans etc. into dishes that lend themselves to that kind of thing.

I also jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon. I mix it with fruit and fake sugar stuff, which isn't terribly healthy I know, but it's a low-maintenance way to eat fruit. I can't f*cking stand fruit that leaks on you.

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