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The thought doesn't sadden me at all. New styles will replace the old. New strategies will come to the fore. Fighters will continue to use their strengths to win.

Style versus style holds little appeal for me. I much prefer complete fighters facing each other. That is when I get excited. People who excel at one thing and one thing only just get no reaction from me.

For example I can't bring myself to be a Maia fan. Sure he has had some really nice submission finishes but that's his only real way of winning. All you have to do to beat him is keep it at range and out strike him. It makes - for me - a boring fighter.

I like it when the fighter is dangerous everywhere because that is when it becomes a tactical battle. True strategy. That is when you see who the better fighter is. That is the beauty of mma to me.

As for "barbaric" mma gyms... I just don't see why you think they are barbaric. There is something beautiful - to my eyes - about people from different disciplines gathering in one place to share their knowledge. Pool their talents to create something new. That's art.

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