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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post

BJ Penn? I doupt he stands a chance anymore!
I wish I could get one of my mates to say that, because I would have £100 with anyone I know that says Penn not only wins but finishes Edgar to regain his title at UFC 118, I think we are about to see a much more aggressive BJ Penn in this next fight.

And you know the sick thing about this call is that I picked Edgar to win the fist fight, in fact I was the only person I think who thought that Edgar woudl take the title from Penn and here is the proof if you want to check it out for yourself:

But part of the reason I made that call is because I believed Penn had become to predictable, I believed that Penn would just go out and do nothing we have not seen him do before and that he would underestimate Edgar and not try to adjust his own style and strategy to counter Edgar effectively, where as I believed that Edgar would be ready for Penn, like I said predictable.

But like I said in the post link above, I believed back then that Penn was still the better fighter and that Edgar was just a bad stylistic match up assuming he did not adjust his strategy, which he didn't and Edgar took the win just as I predicted.

But this time Penn wont made that mistake again and I believe he will come out with a better strategy to handle Edgar and I believe he will be much more aggressive and get the finish, I predict 4th round OK or TKO Penn.

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