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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I only posted a few of the martial arts I have trained significantly in. Judo, TKD, and Shotokan are simply where I started twenty years ago. Since then there has been Aikido, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kenpo, Wrestling, Kendo, and BJJ. Whatever works is the philosophy of BJJ as I was taught it. If you have a different interpretation so be it but don't yell at me because you don't like mine. You can take it up with my teacher if that's what you want to do.
Then you should've qualified your background fully.

Here's my issue: "Whatever works" isn't a philosophy. It's a platitude.

You can say it about basketball, football, hockey, academics, chess, cross-country skiing and whatever else you want. It doesn't say anything.

Elitist is actually used as an adjective these days. You might not like it but it is. SO you know exactly what I meant when I said it but pretentious would be correct as well. Your tone towards me would also count as pretentious.
I'll say this, you weren't the only person who used the word "elitist." Just the usage in the post I quoted. Of course it's used as an adjective in contemporary culture. And in contemporary culture, it's similarly useless and unexpressive. I'm taking a little frustration with the culture out on you, which may be a little unfair, but it happens.

My attitude towards you is disdainful. Pretentiousness implies that I'm exaggerating my own importance or making some sort of unjustified claim. I'm not doing either of those things.

And you and I may have different ideas about whether MMA is the birth of a new martial art or not but your opinion holds no more weight than mine. If you don't agree say it but you cannot conclusively prove that it isn't because it is a matter of perspective not fact.
Yay! The relativism defense!

I haven't seen that one in a while.

Seriously? Yes, you're entitled to your opinion. I'm also entitled to point out that you're position is incoherent.

I believe mma is heading towards a systemized form of training. It's the only logical evolution from my point of view.
It's going to become systemized? How?

Are Greg Jackson and Ricardo Liborio and the rest going to get together at a summit and agree that there are some moves, with particular execution, and that there is a structured methodology for teaching them? Because that's the function of systemization that we're talking about when we talk about "martial arts styles."

That's what Kano did when he created judo. That's what Helio and Carlson Jr. did when they were creating what would become Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As those things became sports, they shifted away from being a single system. With a public forum for the exchange and testing of techniques, the executions of techniques and the teaching methodologies tend to get more diverse, not less so.

It's hard to argue that the techniques in MMA have gotten more diverse because it started with incredible diversity, so I won't bother with that. But they certainly haven't gotten more homogenous, they're just more sophisticated and more defined in their connections to the styles from which they originate.

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