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Exploring The Peruvian Necktie

I don't usually fight from the top of the sprawl. I'm usually on the bottom, whether I'm coming up to my knees from the open guard with an opponent backing up or whether I'm shooting in for a single, or just looking for a tighter position on my half-guard. I usually end up on the bottom because going to the bottom position in the sprawl is part of my game. I'm not very tall, and so it's easy for me to work from underneath, where I have access to the legs.

Still, I do have wrestlers shoot on me, and I do have guys get underneath me periodically, and so I do end up working from the top of the sprawl periodically.

I don't have a ton of attacks from the top of the sprawl. I don't like to spin for the back, because it's so predicable, and so easy for opponents to open their hips and pull guard.

Personally, I like attacking the neck. Working the guillotine usually forces my opponent to do something stupid with their legs, or distracts them long enough that I can take control of the position, get my hips in deep and look for the gator roll, the guard pass or the finish with the choke.

The one area I've been working on exploring is the Peruvian necktie. I really like the necktie, because it feels like it gets the submission more than the guillotine does, though it only really sets up taking the back. It makes for a nice move if they give you an over/under.

Still, we were working from the butterfly guard with Eduardo tonight, and since the bigger guys like to push me around a little bit and come up to the knees, and I found it a few times. It was incredibly effective.

There are a few things I discovered:
  1. Be patient slipping the back leg over the back. Breaking the grip is hard enough. You don't want them to catch the foot and roll you over because you were being sloppy. This is especially important against guys with long arms.
  2. Don't worry too much about getting the grip tight. It's a waste of upper-body strength.
  3. It doesn't always feel tight, but if you can feel that your not on the chin, but on the neck, with good position on the arm, just grind your opponent down.
  4. Patience is necessary if you're a smaller guy with it, because you may not have the bulk in the arms to just make 'em tap immediately. Again, patience.
There aren't a lot of transitions from that position, and your going to end up in a weak, weak open guard if you lose it, so be careful and make sure you have the hand strength to finish. But if you're not big enough in the arms and chest to finish guys with the anaconda, it's a great alternative.

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