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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post

If you don't want to be nagged then don't be, leave it all with her and walk away. I'm not saying I know everything or even have a healthy marriage, all I'm saying is that I'm happy and its functioning.

Not sure if im the best person to be giving advice, but I don't like to be bitched at. I'll ignore it, or leave and she has to deal with her own shit. I have a healthy amount of detach from such things to where I just don't care. And I won't change even if that means divorce. I'll listen and reason if its a valid problem that needs to be addressed. But what I won't do is worry or get upset because I'm doing what I want to do.

At the same time don't get me wrong its always good to be objective and reasonable, but to have nothing to do with beyond that.
I agree with this 90%. IMO happiness is also found in doing for and showing respect for the ones you profess love for. That doesnt mean you have to be walked on, but it does mean certain amounts of sacrifice for a mutual happiness. Having said that there are those that will take advantage, convolute the truth and try to use your willingness to "meet in the middle" to manipulate for their own wants. That is where I say gtfo. I will give till I'm poor as long as Im not forced to do it.
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