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Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
I know a lot about them, I have a fully trained and tamed one.

They aren't really noisey except in the morning (if you have many of them, expect noise), but 1 or 2 isn't that bad. Bird mess is a huge misconception with most people. They only make a mess in "their" areas (their cage and other areas designed/made for them). If they do make a mess, such as if you give them a millet to eat eating, it takes 30 seconds to clean up, and they generally eat in their cage, so the mess hits the bottom of the cage anyways. When compared to a dog, who makes a mess everywhere in the house, gets into everything it can, leaves toys, slobber, hair, not to mention smell terrible if not given a bath regularly, birds are a heaven in this aspect.

As for flying, it isn't an issue if your house is bird proof (if you have a bird that can fly, your house should be bird proof) with screens on the windows and doors. Mine is out of her cage when I am home, and she has no issue flying around. She even flies to me whenever I hold my hand out.
I'm glad you had success in taming them. But I believe their messiness isn't exaggerated. When I had them, feathers and bird food was all over the area around their cage. Maybe the problem is that I kept them in my living room on the cupboard.

Have you taught it how to speak?

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