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An MMA Fighter's Cookbook?

I've been looking around a little bit here on the forum and online, and I'm not really finding what I'm looking for. I see lots of discussion on improving diet, protein powders, various shakes, and so on... but has anyone seen fit to create something of an all-in-one source for MMA nutrition and, of particular interest, well designed recipes and meals for a training fighter?

I'm hazarding a guess here in thinking that the number of us who love cooking are outnumbered by those who don't or don't have time for it, but I'm still thinking a resource like this would be hugely helpful for the community at large.

If there is such a resource that I completely missed (as great as this subforum is, there isn't quite a unified presentation of this information), I'd really appreciate a link to it. If there isn't a known compilation of nutrition information and recipes designed for fighters, would such a resource appeal to you?

I make no claims to being a nutritionist, dietitian, or any other such thing, but I'm good with doing research, communicating with people in the know, and putting information together in a presentable fashion. Basically, I'm saying that, if it would be useful, I could begin work on a website with the goal of creating a much-inclusive cookbook and diet guide specifically for fighters.


Edit: I went ahead and registered I've gotta map out exactly what I want to do with it and put together a presentation system, but I have it and will make use of it before long. Here's to hoping it's useful for you guys.

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