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Originally Posted by down4thecount
Eminem....You're a funny little wigger!!!

You ask this guy if he's "some fat jackoff talking BS behind a computer" seems like you are the one talking BS behind the computer.

You sent me a private message telling me that I "Better never post on one of your threads again"
Or basically you'll kick my ass.

You then proceed to tell me how fat my mother is.
(Which is've never seen her)

You also refer to spartan as a "stupid hillbilly"

You also stated in your private message to me that I am a "stupid wannabe boxer"
I have 11 years traing in Muay Thai.
I have several years in Western Boxing.
I have a kick boxing record of 10-2-0 (8 by KO)
I have a Boxing record of 7-1-0 (4 by KO)
I have an MMA record of 2-0-0

What's your record??
Surely someone that talks as tough as you must have an OUTSTANDING mma record.
(Not counting the kid that kicked your ass in school) go ahead and keep accussing people of talking "BS behind a computer" while you're busy talking "BS behind a computer"

Spartan and myself will just continue to sit back and laugh at you.

Oh wait...I forgot...You warned me to "Never post on one of your threads again"
Please Eminem....don't hurt me!!!
Please don't beat me OR my "Fat ass mother" up like you said that you would!!!!!

I promise...from this point on I'll mind my own business!
I'll get together with Spartan and I'll make sure that neither one of us ever critcize one of your threads again!

After all...we wouldn't want to wake the sleeping giant and end up getting our asses kicked by you!!!

Trust me...I'll NEVER offend you again.
(I wouldn't want you to have to make up a battle rap about how badly you're gonna beat me down)

So...I TRUELY apologize for offending you and for talking BS behind the computer screen.

Ill kick your ass i never said that I THINK ITS TIME FOR YOUR S.P.E.D MEDS AGAIN?? But hey how is that possible when your a 12 year old wannabe Boxer?With no life talking Trash behind a computer.

And your not a fighter stop lieing you moron your just a little AC/DC boy short wearing mama's boy.Just because you found out that your wrong doesn't mean you can make threats to people on a forum like the 70s over weight rock nerd that you are.

But to be serious half of the forum mods just said you were wrong looks like this "Wigger" is right and the Big hardcore mature Muay Thai boxer is wrong.

Ill leave you alone, Just plz plz do me and your family a big big favor and kill your self
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