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Today was spent on cardio in circuit training and bag-drill.

I started a mini circuit as described in my workout plan as prescribed for #20.

I was able to do nearly 2-circuits in under 3 minutes I came to failure at the 5th vertical push-up and 5th overhead press last night.

Today I have pushed on and so far I've done a full two circuit plus one more with the two full ones being consecutive!

I went out to the shed for about 35-minutes the temperature inside was close to 95 degrees. I did sets of 25 roundhouse from the right my quickest set was 48 seconds for all 25.

I did 8-sets of the 25 from the right for 200 strikes total, in between I rested about a half minute or so for a quick gulp of water.

For the last 10 to 15 minutes I focused on free-style hand-strikes in combos.

by the end the entire bag was drenched in sweat.

I can't say I really enjoy this heat-training but it must have some benefit I would have to believe.

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