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Stand up strategy

I can now knock out anyone with Rich and Hendo on expert. When fighting a striker continue to walk backwards while holding the high block. If you continue to back peddle they will chase you and throw punches most of them will miss but keep your guard up just incase when you see them throw a big punch like a hook or a kick and counter with a hook or head kick judge the range. When they get too close or when you start to get trapped toward the cage attempt a takedown it doesn't make a difference if you get it or not you are just trying to create space and push him back. Watch for the clinch when fighting guys like silva if he does clinch you try to attempt a takedown as soon as you break from the mt clinch to dirty boxing clinch or over under. You will more than likely fail but your just trying to escape the clinch and create space. Every once in a while you may want to throw a leg kick but not that much because that's how you get flash koed.

Follow this strategy and you will ko people in the 4 yh or 5th round

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