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I gotta say that those circuits I am doing are paying off already.

I can't say that I've been sore in a long while from doing my workouts and now I am for once again.

I've decided to re-coup over the weekend nothing special going on for training.

I had a good day though if you consider being on an honor guard for a good mate's funeral procession would be a lovely task.

I cannot say I have ever witnessed a Military Funeral that was orchestrated by the United States Army and or Military in general until today.

My mate, was a PFC in the Armored Calvary he served just over a month in Afghanistan near Kandahar. The day in which proved fatal was the 5th of July. He was in the lead vehicle of a convoy and it was hit by an IED. In the resulting attack Eddie lost his legs and later died.

Even though we are to give grace upon his passing Eddie was a month shy of 19 a damn young age.

I had an early morning 8am wake and got to the cemetery about a quarter till 10.

I have to thank a group called the Freedom Riders, they are one hell of a blessing to this country. They are made up of ex military, veterans, etc that support the military in all of the glory that is deserving. These men and women came out in amazing force today they formed a barrier a block square around the church in which Eddie's Medal Ceremony and Eulogies were Given.

They also were in great number and directly involved in the proceedings dealing with the funeral itself at the cemetery.

They created a chute for the funeral procession to precede through that was manned by close to 2 or 3 hundred of their members each of which held an American Flag.

It was awe inspiring when I spoke shortly with one of the Directors of this group. I asked him where he served, and he replied he had served in Da' Nang, Dakow and one other city that escapes me now sadly. This was a man who gave up so much for the love of his country and he gives more now. From what he was saying he aids in close to 240 funerals a year.

For me, I knew Eddie through a re-enacting group. The group I belong to formed a color/honor guard, we were accompanied by a unit from another period that Eddie had done time with, in total we had about 17 men and one lady who formed this honor guard.

I cannot say enough on the role that our drummer played, along with the fact that there was a professional bag-pipe player who marched the procession to the lot of burial.

I was sobbing the entire march, knowing this was the best f king day that Eddie would have on his time on Earth!

God Bless America.

P.S. I'm sorry for using this section in this way.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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