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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
I think Ari Bolden's explanation is pretty good.

He doesn't get into this, but it's basically impossible to crank the neck, because the arm is in the choke. Any attempt to crank the neck isn't going to be that effective, because you're also going through the shoulder, which is much thicker than you'd need it to be in order to crank effectively. Usually neck cranks demand isolating the neck (you can see this in the case opener and versions of the twister that attack the neck).

It's really a choke. It just feels like you're cranking because there's so much space. between your arms and your chest (as opposed to, say, a guillotine or an anaconda, where you're using your chest as a part of closing off the choke). But it's really a head-and-arm choke that should get the tap.
Great explanation, I had the same question at the person you quoted. I realize this is a very broad question, but what do you think about neck cranks? I've been asking a lot of guys with more experience than me lately because I really struggle with them. Thanks.

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