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Well i am doing this course about networks cisco etc and we are learning all the things about windows home pro and server same now with linux fedora after we did ubuntu..

problem is our coaches are the worst .. never show us anything and i am pretty much lost there..i think linux is cool (not everyone in my class thinks the same) but when you have to deal with these kind of teachers .. you can only shake your head all day long if you know what i mean..

the way i explained this is actually very nice believe me it is worse then i could ever explain..

nothing against linux.. just to clear things up..

it is like for example.. you pay somebody 40000 dollars to teach you MMA and all he (or his team) can say is, google it and find out for yourself how to fight.. just like that..

hmmm what is my linux ubuntu teacher doing in mexico.. for sure not teaching .. just doing her thing i guess..

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