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There was this 16 year old girl and tonight is prom night. She comes home and asks her dad to borrow the keys to the car.
"Daddy Daddy, tonights the prom, can I borrow the keys to the car.
"No, I will not let you borrow the keys"
"Oh Daddy please please!"
"OK, heres what ya do. If you suck my dick, Ill let you borrow the keys to the car"
"Daddy, im not gonna suck your dick."
"Oh well, I guess you cant borrow the keys to the car."
The daughter thinks about for a second.
"Oh alright" she said.
She gets on her knees, unzips his fly and starts sucking his dick. All of a sudden she spits on the floor.
"Yuk, your dick taste like shit Daddy."
"Oh I forgot." He responds "I promised the keys to your brother."


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