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Originally Posted by Crocopride
The most stupid Comment ever. Lutter didnt make weight cuz he got No personnel Trainer. He got is own School he is the sensai of a lot of student. Didnt make wieght cuz is life style was maybe to hard to handle for him Work training family . Didnt make cut enough weight so what. Dont call him a fatass or a ***** or a looser for that. He gave every thing he had. mounted Silva. did 2 round and lost by elbow striking( that was maybe illegal)
He lost by triangle choke.

It is pretty obvious if you rewind it. For the most of the triangle Lutter had his hand to his ear, preventing being choked out. If you noticed Silva at the end finally pulls his arm under his body and locks the triangle in. It was clear how much tighter the triangle got at that point. I think any outlet that says the fight ended by tap out due to elbow strikes is flat out wrong.

Also anyone who can't make weight has no excuse. Every single fighter on the fight card made weight, excpet A TITLE SHOT contender? That is simply pathetic. Maybe he does teach a lot of students, then he should quit UFC if that is more important. He clearly doesn't respect the title or UFC, and I hope he never ever gets another title shot.

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