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Mc Dojo...

OK we all heard the terms weather a Mc Dojo or a Black belt factory or whatever.. These are schools and training facilites that promote students rapidly with the only concern for the school being able to say we have X number of black belts... Now those who are serious about martial arts knows that it would take a minimum of about 10 years in most arts to earn a black belt and that is with lots of hard training and little else. For instance a School on Long Island NY, on of the Tiger Schulmanns Karate school has a 6 year old who was given a black belt after training for just 2 years.. I think we can use this to let people know where these black belt factories are so that they can be avoided... So if you know others please list them here and any information about them.. also why they should qualify as a Mc Dojo not just because you dislike the school, but give some valid reasons.. lets see how many of these are out there..

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