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Originally Posted by JimmyJames View Post
I have no feeling at all for my mother.

She had 4 kids me being the oldest and basically let my father raise us. She f#cking lived across the street from my grade school and I didnt see her for like 4 years at one point in time. Sure she had drug problems as did my father but he at least tried. And did a damn good job with us kids.

I was talking to my sister the other day as July 22 in the anniversary of his death. And he both agreed that we wish it was our mother that was dead and or father was still alive.

If you are wondering my dad had a heart attack after he stopped doing drugs. Too many years of unhealthy living. My mom is currently in jail.......again. She has had 3 stints in prison and over 40 arrests to her record. What a ******* dumbass she is.
wow man...

Take is easy. I'm a very immoral person, a sociopath according to some. But I love my mother, she is the only reason I'm not some name you hear about on some serial killer show.

No one is perfect, but maybe give her a chance. Of choice if you said the same about my father I'd say you have no idea. So take my advice with a grain of salt, and know that the next time I see my father he'll be in a box with his eyes closed and that you should ask yourself if your mom deserves the same.

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