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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
wow man...

Take is easy. I'm a very immoral person, a sociopath according to some. But I love my mother, she is the only reason I'm not some name you hear about on some serial killer show.

No one is perfect, but maybe give her a chance. Of choice if you said the same about my father I'd say you have no idea. So take my advice with a grain of salt, and know that the next time I see my father he'll be in a box with his eyes closed and that you should ask yourself if your mom deserves the same.
She's had 32 years of chances with me, 29 with my sister, 27 with my brother and 16 with my youngest brother and ****ed us all over. I wish her no harm, just wish my dad was here and she wasnt. It really doesnt matter though as I havent talked to her since the late 90's and probably wont be talking to her again.

She's a horrible person and a horrible mother. Giving birth to us was the only "mothering" thing she has done for us. And I wont even get into the times she tried to be a mother while she was selling drugs living in a motel with us as kids.......

I got horrible story after horrible story about her. I could write a book of the shit she has done to us and her drug addicted boyfriends as well.

I simply dont care about her as she has never shown any sort of motherly love for me. My grandmother was my mother in my eyes, and my sisters and brothers as well.

Congratulations you won!
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