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Got up very early to get to the Rickson Gracie seminar today. Gerbil led us astray and we ended up arriving 10 minutes late. The seminar was good. I don't feel particularily energetic this evening, so I'm not going to try too hard to enrich it with my extreme writing skills.

There was maybe 60 people, around 15 of which were black belts. The seminar was 4 hours long, and like I said earlier, 200$US. The focus was largely on principles of jiu jitsu. You know, leverage, connection, weight distribution, etc. The kind of stuff we know is there and talk about, but something that at least I don't constantly keep in mind and explore. The seminar was based around various techniques to demonstrate these principles; taking a simple technique and changing or concentrating on a few details that really make or break the move. I'll go over what I can.

The first parts were in the standup. As we arrive people were being headlocked by their partner emphasizing hip movement to lift their partner instead of their backs. We then did something similar, our partners taking a grip across our face or our neck from behind us, then instead of trying to bend over and heave them, we stuck our asses out and actually walked back, Royce described it like sitting on a couch, lifting our partners with relative ease. Then we worked on balance while taking grips in the stand up. The essential part of this is that of two people connected by a grip, one is always going to have a better balance. So we learned how to be the center of balance, which to me was simply having a wider stance against your opponents, and more importantly, shifting the weight of your body through your hips from one leg to another. With this in mind we took a grip on our partner as they drive to drive us backwards and pull us forwards as we focused on the energy of the connection and shifting accordingly to maintain the center of balance. From there we learned the side kick that Royce always used to use. Rickson was pushing it hard as a way to defend from attacking strikers. I don't know. I wasn't feeling it.

This is getting long. I'm going to finish this later. The rest is getting blurry and I'll have to harass Jeremy to help me remember.

Competing tomorrow at noon. My first opponent is from Brazilian Top Team, wish me luck! Will get video if I can.
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