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Some of the important things to look for is the resolution, refresh rate, contrast ratio and response time. If you are using it for gaming, you probably want something with good resolution and response time. The highest resolution you can go I believe is 1600x1200, basically the amount of pixels the monitor can display horizontally x vertically. The refresh rate is how fast the monitor can refresh the pixels on the screen. The faster the refresh rate, the more crisp the picture. You generally want something around 75 hz. The contrast ratio is the difference between the light and dark on the monitor. The higher the contrast ratio the brighter it is in light and the darker it is in black. The response time is how fast the pixels can change color therefore reducing streaks. A good response time for gaming is probably around 10-12 ms(milliseconds). If you are looking to spend around 200-400, you should be able to get a good monitor with at least a 19 in screen.
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