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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Ok Mc seen it yesterday with my girlfriend. And I gotta tell you, but this Movie had one of the greatest endings I have ever seen. This was absolutely dramatic and disturbing.
The beginning was kinda mahh.. and the movie began slowly, but it was getting better and better. It wasn't really what I expected wich was great!

Thanks for the tip

have you seen High Tension or Martyrs yet?

A friend of mine told me about this Korean Movie called The Chaser. But I found out, that there is supposed to be an even better one wich is called OLDBOY! I am going to watch that as soon as possible. It's a psycho/mystery thriller!

take a look
Glad you liked it. Yeah the ending is really just shocking. one of the most powerful endings to a film ive ever seen.

I havnt seen them yet, i have high tension downloaded but i need to be in the right mood to watch a film, i'll make sure i get round to it though.

Yes, ive seen oldboy. Its another film with a shocking ending. Good film.
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