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Need personal advice between military, ex-girlfriend and my kid

I am looking for any words weather its advice or ramblings or similar storys about what I am going to talk about.

Basically I dated a girl on and off for 8 years and the only reason we stayed together is because we make great freinds but not a good couple at all. She cheated in the beggining and had her other flings in our between moments. Well ever sence the last time we started together things have been going in good and bad directions. We got a house (In detroit).....Seemed fine but then just the same ol shit again. So we than again we were split up and she started dating someone else. Swave me I got her to do the dirty with me and then for SOMEEEE reason they broke up. Couple months later she is pregnant. Without DNA test kid is 99.9% mine. Well she is one of those girls that you can look at and say she is kinda pretty than look again and tell she can be a total bitch. She moved out and I see our son more than she does. I got a babysitter for two hours so I can go bowling and she flipped. Flipped into a mode of not letting me see my kid. Being the mother she has full custody until the court stuff. But she is nutty and does some crazy stuff. She has thrown glass ash trays at me and a master lock zoomed 2 inches from my head. Her whole family is like that. BUT THE MORAL TO THE STORY: I am self employed and cannot prove my income. The court does not like that. If things go twisted she can end up with full custody and I will not be able to see my son.I AM NOT A HUGE GO SHOOT PEOPLE DOWN FAN. But if I cannot see my kid anyways and want to create a future for him is it a good idea to join the military? I am not patriotic but I am the kind to fit into a military personality. But if I stay back I can fight more to see my son. Who has joined the service just because and came back thinking that was the dumbest thing ever? I heard good and bad about everything but if I can get the same benefits over here than there would be no point.
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