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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
Lol its a pretty big show it has some big named people on it but I couldnt get over the day by day man loving
Not too too many big names. JK Simmons was the biggest and he was virtually unknown then. Besides him, not really any, atleast any of the main characters.

As far as the amount of ass, it kind of frightens me you guys aren't complaining about the amount of man meat shown in it. Besides, the long list I described of what the show has and how great they do everything exceeds the male nudity. It's an extremely diverse and intelligent show.
Oh, and there's only a couple of butt-raping scenes...ass. Small time hipster shit like Scrubs just doesn't compare.

Only shows that could rival the greatest show in the history of the world would be The Wire, Carnivale, and Deadwood. Lost would have been up there..but they ****ed that up. Oz is just the most consistent, compelling, and brilliant show to ever be seen.

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