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Evening class. Most people were at the tournament but a few of us were there. Warmed up, then did an armbar->triangle->armbar->sweep combo. Then we rolled. Played a boring guard game against another blue belt. Rolled Gerbil and got tapped three times. I almost caught him with a pendulum sweep. Almost. I was feeling pretty grumpy with myself at this point, but luckily got matched with a good sized white belt. Caught with an armbar from mount and an arm triangle from mount. Woot.

So for whatever reason Draculino wasn't teaching class, he just showed up with some guys to say hi. Everyone went to go get pictures, but I wasn't overly excited. To be honest, I'd rather get pictures with people if I'd spent time training with them or something. Otherwise I feel like there's a real fakeness to it all. Like "Oh hey, can I get a picture with you, a renowned X degree black belt, so it looks like we trained together, even though I just met you?"
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