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There are a lot of careers in the military besides being a grunt. And the military has some FANTASTIC opportunities for education if you take advantage of them. Fantastic as in they can pay for EVERYTHING for you to go to college and get a degree.

I've known a lot of people who have served, and the only ones who regretted it were the types who enlisted as a grunt, didn't apply themselves, and didn't take advantage of any opportunities.

On the other hand, I know a good number who went on to successful, lucrative careers by having the Army pay for their entire college education.

As an aside, several of my in-laws are married to Army men. One of them likes being deployed better than being at home, since he's not much of a family-guy. He started as a quartermaster, then became an armorer, so when he is deployed, his days consist of fixing guns, going to the range to fire guns, playing video games, watching movies, and hanging out with the guys. He's been deployed three times, and is trying to go a fourth time.

Now... the real question. Can you be around your kid while you're in the Army? First you'd have to get custody so the kid can move around with you, and second... your kid wouldn't be able to go while you were deployed.

Being a father is a great thing. It's a lot of frustration, but it leads to the deepest fulfillment you can know.

You want a tiger of a lawyer for the custody, not a wimpy one. And you want to shoot for the moon. One of my brother-in-laws learned that the hard way. He rolled over and signed stuff for his ex, then didn't get to see his kid for THREE YEARS, and even now, only gets supervised visits. Once you sign the papers... you usually can't change anything unless you show a large, substantial change in the situation.

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