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"One-Uppers" are the most annoying ppl period

you know who i mean, if you tell a story they always have a slightly better story involving themself or someone they know.

My girlfriends friends boyfriend (puh) is the THE most annoying m-f ever. I told him that i caught a cod that weighed about 20 pounds and that was the biggest id ever caught. he then when on to tell this INSANE story about him, a knife, a seabass , and a fight to the death. im not gonna go into detail but it was THE most crazy made up shit id EVER heard, and it included a monster eal also.

another one was when i told about this friend of mine that got this really cool soundsystem in his apartment. He didnt even respond to it before he told me that a friend of his had , and im not making this up , " the second best sound system in Europe "

the last one im gonna tell ( but there are many many others ) is when i told him that i won the squadron's 3 km contest ( running ) in the navy with the time 9:50 and he told me he had run it on , and again i shit you not.....9:45 !!!!

just felt the need to vent as he told me one yesterday also and hes driving me insane. oh and hes 34 yo btw something that doesnt exactly help

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