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Originally Posted by N1™ View Post
you know who i mean, if you tell a story they always have a slightly better story involving themself or someone they know.

My girlfriends friends boyfriend (puh) is the THE most annoying m-f ever. I told him that i caught a cod that weighed about 20 pounds and that was the biggest id ever caught. he then when on to tell this INSANE story about him, a knife, a seabass , and a fight to the death. im not gonna go into detail but it was THE most crazy made up shit id EVER heard, and it included a monster eal also.

another one was when i told about this friend of mine that got this really cool soundsystem in his apartment. He didnt even respond to it before he told me that a friend of his had , and im not making this up , " the second best sound system in Europe "

the last one im gonna tell ( but there are many many others ) is when i told him that i won the squadron's 3 km contest ( running ) in the navy with the time 9:50 and he told me he had run it on , and again i shit you not.....9:45 !!!!

just felt the need to vent as he told me one yesterday also and hes driving me insane. oh and hes 34 yo btw something that doesnt exactly help
This is usually where I look at them for just a moment, and say "Cool story." Then pointedly start a new conversation.

To be fair, I only got to say "cool story" once, and I said it half-joking, but I know the people around me knew what I meant.

L&M has/had a friend like this. Long story short, he knew the guy for 25 years and finally got sick of all his bullshit, and now they don't talk any more.

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