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Hey guys, this is good stuff all around.

I would have thought it was known I was talking about a leg-strike.

I am using the muy-thai version of the round-house.

I enjoy going at 1/8th speed or slower for form conditioning, I'll got at 3/4th speed for power striking and for volume I got at 100%.

There are a few things I've witnessed so far: even at form conditioning the bag will move a bit.

For the power striking there is as much or equivalent travel for the bag as with the volume striking.

Now with the Volume striking the bag will fly around making it a bit tougher to time the strikes for flush-contact.

If your power is not there in volume striking why does the bag fly around as much or more than when you go for a power-strike?

For what I utilize, the strikes I am talking about will have a point of contact where the shin meets the ankle and will strike the bag from low abdomen to high abdomen.

The point of this amount of volume is for as one guy suggested a stick and strike technique. Throw a strike or two then dart out of the opponent's range and use it for shock.

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