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@ Squirrelfighter

I would use those snapping roundhouse-strikes (leg) if I were using my left-leg for the strike.

I am not sure why it is right now, but it feels more natural to throw a snapping left-roundhouse than trying to pull off a snapping right.

Now it is applicable to a power left-roundhouse it just isn't happening but I can throw as hard as I want with my right and there's nothing to it.

I've heard people say cross-train the legs....but would it be futile when you've got a good feeling going, in the sense you could lead with a snapping left and go for heavy right roundhouse into the body or head?

For my right-leg roundhouses there is no snap unless I push off with the shin on contact which I doubt I do.

@ coldcall420

I am lucky to have a partner give me some help once or twice a week with holding the bag. There is only one problem with that though...Which is more important timing your strikes or being able to volley off the strikes?

I find when I use the aid of the partner I tend to throw heavy roundhouse strikes with my legs and not go for the speed-striking.

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