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Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 34
2 - 28
3 - 26
4 - 25
5 - 23
Total - 136

**** yeah. Smashed last time's by six. Could be near my all time high, and this is a week after food poisoning. Maybe it's the 10-15lbs I lost, hah. Either way I'm feeling that drive to get training and working on that path towards my next fight. Going to try to catch 3 sessions tomorrow.

I'm also once again contemplating my next tattoo, I'm thinking an elaborate and bright piece to commemorate this period in my life. It could be in ten years, it could be in 6 months, but my life is going to settle down and be boring eventually. I think an elaborate tattoo to capture the more extraordinary period of my life would be fun. Thinking over a pec/shoulder/arm. I'd like to get a really high quality artist to do the job, and am looking at a couple in Canada and a place I know in Thailand. Here's a little montage of some of the eye catching work a couple artists I'm looking at have done.

As for what I want, like I said, it'll be a bit of a montage of this time in my life. I'd like to incorporate Brazil, Thailand, fighting, and sort of an underlying concept of self improvement, presence, and inner strength. This is all just sort of flying around my head right now, but maybe a landscape of Rio with a bright yellow/orange/red watercolor type sunset. There's also some drawings of muay thai fighters I saw around in thailand that really caught my eye, this is one of them

Then another to represent jiu jitsu, possibly in the same style but kneeling as they do in class pictures, maybe just black with a bright blue belt? These sort of things will tie in well with the whole 'This too shall pass' thing I got going on so far. On an even bigger and long term scale I could tattoo like a timeline of my life that reads from my left arm, across my chest, and down my right arm, space for whatever comes next, more world travel, new passions, kids, who knows.
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