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God damn you, you spewy bastard!; luger0 is a genius!

So as I stated in the previous post, I blew to top off my heavy bag because I'm, you know, such a mad powerful striker! No, I jumped into the mount and slammed home a few elbows and the zipper tore apart. Well luger0, as stated above suggested a homemade mount design that not only cost half as much as the useless Everlast mount, but works perfectly without fail! Thanks a bunch man!

I hung up the bag on this new mount(which is pretty much just a simple eye-screw that can hold over 300lbs of shock force) and started wailing away at it. Almost immediately vast amount of tattered fabric(the internal contents of the bag) began spewing in all directions. I still have to do mega clean up to get rid of 5-10lbs of random bits of fabric. My sparring partner has suggested using a garbage bag to cover the top and put it inside as a liner.

Workoutwise, there has been some cardio, long distance cardio as well as a bit of HIIT cardio. As well as a bit of technique and power development.

Training with my sparring partner I was disgruntled to learn when I have the space to move, I don't get aggressive. I revert to this stupid countering strategy that doesn't work for me, that's Machida-esque, minus everything good about the Machida style. This has always been a big issue of mine, too timid for my own good. But when I injured my toe while training in an enclosed environment, I had no choice but to get in close and work my hands and guard. However, I hung to the outside, and counter to how it used to be, was the one getting eaten up by leg kicks (both round kicks, as well as frog kicks). I also seemed unable to get my brain to work in orthodox to allow my leg to recover. All in all the session was weak, and I felt like a prick for having done so terribly.

Dietwise, not bad, not the best, I'm workin on eating healthy, and not all the time failing! Ideally, I want to keep the calories down, and only ingest the necessary carbohydrates to energize me through my workouts, and activate a protein mixture if I happen to need one, daily. I'll have to do some research as well as experiment to find the proper balance.

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