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Evening class. Technique was a choke starting from side control. Trap their far arm, come around to north south, lifting the trapped arm to put them on their side. Feed the arm closest to the ground under their neck and get a deep collar grip. Grab the lapel with the other hand, then throw your leg nearest their legs over their stomach and the other leg to keep their other arm from defending their neck. Choke.

We did positional drilling from side control for quite awhile. Luckily I was just watching Saulo's side control instructional again yesterday. Good timing. Lots of things clicked today from the side control. Less focus on the grips and more on the hip connection. Transitions between positions. Going for the choke then sneaking a knee on belly. Even getting and holding knee on belly in general. Survival on the bottom felt very good too, just relaxed into the defensive position and did stuff I normally forget to, like keeping them from controlling my head. Many of these things I know to do, but never really believed in them. Today things clicked.

In rolling I got a big purple belt, he submitted me with a choke from north/south, a big weakness of mine. I was angry about getting smothered and frustrated, so I unleashed the bull and forced to get on top when we restarted. Past half guard into full mount, he turtled but not before I got my hooks in, tilted him over into back control, bow and arrow choke. Then he was obviously mad at me and when we restarted he tackled me and I nailed my head on the wall. It was loud. Like everyone stopped rolling to look, but I guess my head is pretty hard because it was just a little headache. However, I don't recall who else I rolled tonight...bad sign? Oh well.

I got a sunburn at the beach today. I was tanning in the yard and had everything under control, but a girl from the house wanted me to go to the beach, so 4 hours later with a bronzing lotion and I'm looking a little....over bronzed. Makes jiu jitsu interesting.
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