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Mon 7-26: jump rope warmup, then standup partner drills. My clinch game sucks badly. I think I'm testing for rank in judo in two weeks also, so I'm nervous as shit.
Tue: rested like a bitch.
Wed: karate (a lot of stretching, kick drills, then belt chokes) then MMA combination (more guard passes and then passing to mount), then kick shield and live standup drills.
Thur: Judo which was full of super awesome cardio-related drills, lots of throwing and randori, and no uchikomi at all. I loved it. I told the brown belt who was teaching that we need a lot of workouts like this if we're going to be in our best beast mode on the mat.
Fri: rested, but walked dog about 2 miles.
Sat: Judo, we all had to do as many throws as we needed for our next/first belt, then we worked sweeps, which was freakin awesome, and we haven't done in there in forever. I'm hoping that what the green belt brings to the table, which is a blue BJJ belt and twice-weekly BJJ classes in Erie, continues to influence our training.

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