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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
So far in my training I have hit 43-seconds for 25 roundhouse-strikes as a set.

Would it be possible for the brain to function quicker than 1.5 seconds enough to the point to throw the same amount in a 36-second period of time?

I know end the end if you can throw more out there, there will be a greater chance of damage.

But how fast is too fast?
The brain can process this information far faster than the rest of your neuromuscular system. When you're talking about the brain your typically using millisecond intervals as opposed to second intervals.

The rest of your body has to be able to handle the pace, which means your neuromuscular system has to be prepared and conditioned. You must train a lot to have effective neural pathways between the brain, spinal cord, and neurmuscular junctions, etc, to increase the speed.

There would obviously be a limit placed on you by the simple physics of the action, however the limitations would almost definitely not be placed upon you by the brain.

See below:

Not exactly what you're asking about, but it shows what can be done.

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