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Kazuyuki Miyata Pissed Off At K-1 Announcers' Criticisms

After the Kazuyuki Miyata decision win against Kazuhisa Watanabe at K-1 WORLD MAX 2010 -63kg tournament finals last July 5, K-1 announcers Michael Schiavello And Mike Kogan criticized Miyata’s kickboxing more

Mike Kogan: “Don’t get me started I might get fired for this, but no, of course not. It’s ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. This fight is ridiculous. He sucks. Honestly, he sucks. … He has no business here. … It’s insulting. This is K-1. Don’t come here if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

Michael Schiavello: “This is a strange fight to have as the reserve fight because honestly, neither of these men could go into that tournament, They would get murdered. Miyata has no place in a K-1 ring.”

Of course in reaction to this, Miyata wrote in his blog his distaste at these criticisms thrown at him after that Watanabe fight.

“K-1 USA’s commentary man Mike Kogan was insulting me.

“He knows me but he’s still saying things like that? I have confidence at 63kg. Of course, I have confidence in K-1 too. I have many weapons. I can win with my body strength alone at that div. I’m so pissed off that I’ll fight in the next K-1 as well. I’ll even fight anybody.

“I really want to kick someone’s ass. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way.”

For sure Miyata’s kickboxing skills is not at par with some of the best K-1 Max fighters out there but K-1 announcers must understand the nature of the fight that pits a popular fighter and a former Olympian in Miyata against the former Japanese star boxer Kazuhisa Watanabe. It’s not different than the time Bob Sapp and HMC were still fighting at K-1.

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