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Gringo Class

Technique was attacking the turtle. First was moving around them when they're turtled facing you. Emphasis was staying very low, chest to their upper back and legs way back out. One hand's knuckles rests on the back of their head to turn into a crossface in case they roll, then you go around in the opposite direction of the hand on their head, spin to their back, far hand palm down on inside of their thigh, near hand on the back of their nearest tricep.

To take back from here, the hand inside the thigh provides a gap to put your hook in. Don't remove your hand until after the hook is in. As you remove the hand it feeds through under their armpit and grips their forearm to control. Then your other knee comes into the side of their leg as you roll them back, pop that second hook in and control the other arm with your elbow in and hand cupping over the shoulder.

Other technique is attacking the turtle from the side. Your back leg is on a knee and the other is on its foot, with your hips driving into them from the side as oppossed to diagonally from the back. Your top arm reaches under their nearest arm and then traps over their far arm, then you can drop to both knees, reaching with your other arm by the gap near their hips all the way through to cup at the back of their same far arm. Then you can readjust to drive into their side with your chest. As you tip them over, one hand goes knuckle down into the mat to prevent them from reguarding, as the other goes to their head. Finish in reverse scarf hold.

Next is from directly behind them. You stay low on their back, knees up against their thighs, feet at the sides of their ankles. Gerbil described it as "monkey ******* a football". Then you reach inside and get collar grips and pull them tight to their sides, then you hop your feet forwards exploding into a deadlift type motion to lift them, then fall back with your hooks already in.

Finally is another from directly behind them, when they're too big to deadlift off the mat, same position (monkey ******* a football), same collar grips, then move out to put your knees into their ass, then pick a side and step out, nearest foot against their nearest knee, then drag them to the side tipping them over. Walk back, dragging them and then dive your head into their stomach, with your feet out, like a tripod.

Then we rolled. Got manhandled by Gerbil once again, put managed one sweep when he was standing over me in my open guard. He pointed out a silly mistake I did, when I had side control on him I had my lower hand gripping the pants the hips, close to me. But then I reached over his body and gave him a deep underhook, giving up any control. Also had a few back and forths with a purple belt, and spent some time mounting a white belt but not being able to finish.

Going to watch some fights tonight. Also have a picture of some fake breasted women from the beach yesterday for everyone to enjoy. I'm planning on taking some pictures tonight, as I imagine MMA fights in the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro could be interesting. Someone just told me there's cops with assault rifles, drug dealers with guns, people shooting for looking at their girlfriend, the ring getting rushed during/after fights, and brawls, so I'll put them up together...and if this is my last entry, tell my mother I love her.
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