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Originally Posted by Composure View Post
My mom just recently bought a new PC and got a Emachines flatscreen monitor. 21" for I think about 130-150. I've used it and it does look really nice. If you'd like I can always snap pics of it and show you.
No thats ok. I have a good idea of what the basic Emachines monitor looks like. Thanks though

If you still want to post some pics though id still welcome it.. but if its a hassle dont worry about it.

Originally Posted by cisco2403 View Post
Some of the important things to look for is the resolution, refresh rate, contrast ratio and response time. If you are using it for gaming, you probably want something with good resolution and response time. The highest resolution you can go I believe is 1600x1200, basically the amount of pixels the monitor can display horizontally x vertically. The refresh rate is how fast the monitor can refresh the pixels on the screen. The faster the refresh rate, the more crisp the picture. You generally want something around 75 hz. The contrast ratio is the difference between the light and dark on the monitor. The higher the contrast ratio the brighter it is in light and the darker it is in black. The response time is how fast the pixels can change color therefore reducing streaks. A good response time for gaming is probably around 10-12 ms(milliseconds). If you are looking to spend around 200-400, you should be able to get a good monitor with at least a 19 in screen.
Thank you.. this helped alot. You got any suggestions by any chance?

Originally Posted by Mirage445 View Post
It really depends on what you are going to be doing.

If you don't really game you don't really need an extravagant expensive monitor, and should only really look at size and resolution, also if you don't have a good graphics card, chances are you will not be able to use a really high resolution anyway.

If you're really into gaming and have a good graphics card that is capable of using higher resolutions, while maintaining a high quality of detail in games as well as framerate, then by all means choose a monitor with a high resolution and good response time.

As far as the refresh rate goes, I've pretty much always used 60hz and have never had any issues or complaints.

We would probably be able to help you more if you were to give us some more information about your your graphics card, and what games you would be playing just to get a bit of insight of your situation.

Hope this helped!
Well i think i mentioned il use it for Gaming, i got a pretty decent desktop, an Dell XPS420 with a 8800GeForce Graphics card. I like to play alot of games.. usually i dont play any for too long. I like MMO'S though i havent been really into one for a while now. I will be getting StarCraft 2 in a couple days though which im sure il spend a good amount of time on.

I wont be using it alot for TV usage and what not because i have a LED '42' TV in my room and i have the cable that lets me watch the stuff thats on my monitor on my tv which i find alot more appealing. I dont like using my TV for PC gaming because its just not convenient with my setup.

Originally Posted by SJ View Post
200-400?!?!?! MAN! You can get the ultimate monitor for that price. I am sorry that I'm not a nerd about it . I have possibly the worst brand ever (ACER) 23" (I think it was $160) and a better quality 30" RCA($300 on sale). Both wif da HD
Haha Well currently i guarantee your monitor ia lot better then mine. The brand is Norcent... or something. Not even sure if their still around cause honestly i dont think iv seen the brand since this monitor.

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