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I was at the doctor today for my annual checkup and he said he didn't "think" my ringworm was cantagious any longer. I've basically just been doing like 7 four minute rounds of boxing and not much sparring. I have been riding my bike a lot too cause I want to get on my schools mountain bike team. I cant say I'm terribly enthused about either of my sports: fighting, or mountain biking right now because I'm about to enter college without a car for 1st semester meaning A. The only fighting I can do is once a week "wrestling club" (i'm hoping theres a punching bag in the athletic center at the college so I can keep up the decent hands I have now) d B. I'm gonna have so much social, academic, and work crap on my hands plus mountain bike race season... I have a ton of work inside and outside of sports I have to do, and while its all stuff I want to do, its going to take time...probly about a year, before the results (race placings, and actual amateur fights) start showing up...I got a text tonight about another one of these backyard fights. Some "chunky" kid who's like 18 and has a kid is willing to fight me. He boxed for cincinnati high school boxing league for a year. Everyone says I'd beat him but I've boxed with the kids from there before and there tough as s-it. I don't really want to get into a slugfest and get a headache even if I do win, plus I have to say goobye to my girlfriend this week cause of the whole college deal so I'm just too mopy and feeling sorry for myself to get in there and fight a fat kid (we weigh the same he's just outta shape). If I do fight em I'll get a friend to take pics and post em for you folks to see!

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