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well your price range is gonna leave you in the TN (twisted nematic) area of LCD displays, IPS (In Plane Switching) is more expensive but MUCH better. TN is 6-bit, IPS is 8-bit i could get into all the spec, but then id truly show what a geek i am lol.

luckily tho there is the ViewSonic VP2365wb for $300 that is IPS and 23"! its trade off is its 1080p (1920x1080) instead of what others will have at that size (1920x1200) but that not as a big a deal and modern games should be able to do that resolution easy. and from what i read is a lil bit dimmer then the competition.... but the color depth is much much much better,

to quote MaximumPC on this monitor...

"Twisted Nematic LCD panels blow. After running through our DisplayMate, Blu-ray, and gaming gauntlet of Lab tests, the TN displays we’ve reviewed retreated with their DVI cables tucked between their legs. So what’s a budget upgrader to do?

If you want our advice—and you do—pick up ViewSonic’s VP2365wb. It’s a 23-inch IPS panel offering 8-bit color depth. It’s equipped with a four-port USB hub and a height-adjustable stand that tilts, rotates, and pivots. And you can find it selling online for about 300 bucks.

You will encounter trade-offs: Although it’s marketed as a “professional” monitor, its max resolution is a consumer-ish 1920x1080. It’s dimmer than its pricier competitors, and it doesn’t have an HDMI input. But in Lab tests, we had no problem playing games or movies, and it’s a better photo-editing monitor than any TN display we’ve tested.

✔ In-plane switching display offers superior image and viewing quality"

so there ya have it hehe, prolly 6 years ago i spent $1200 on my 24" dell widescreen, which is also an IPS, and its still awesome! id kinda like to go with a 30" but again im a geek lol. man i feel like i should be adjusting my glasses and have a pocket protector........

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